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20 + years = 5,000 projects… whoa.

Greetings, my name is Scott Waryan and I am a graphic designer located in Hopkins, Minnesota. I create branding and marketing materials that position my clients above their competitors and ultimately increasing client profits. My business is successful because I create projects that are less about me, and more about my clients. I am a good listener. What are your project goals, parameters and objectives, and what level of success do you wish to succeed?

When you work with me, you’ll get to know my unmistakable passion and reasons for existing as a business. Being proud of and genuinely helping small businesses is why I exist; it’s not all about the money. It’s about the personal rewards of creating a successful design that generates results for the client.
Let’s connect.


“Scott you’re kinda old, but you design young!”

Ouch… gee thanks.


Scott Waryan grew up in Hopkins, Minnesota (where he felt like he never quite fit in), graduated from Northern Arizona University at Flagstaff (where he didn’t fit in either), and received a BFA in Graphic Design (where he finally started to feel like he fit in). He spent six months (slaving away) in a Phoenix Ad Agency as an intern (much-abused and under-appreciated) for Best Western International, the world’s largest hotel chain. After moving back to Minneapolis (because he was burnt out and didn’t know where else to go), he worked as a graphic designer for Gulick & Henry (he now had a real cubicle), where he assisted with annual reports, corporate identity and branding (mostly charts and graphs because nobody else wanted to do them). Clients included 3M, Medtronic and Deluxe Checks. After two years of hard work (and trying to explain to his parents what he really did), he fearlessly struck out on his own (actually he was scared to death but motivated by fear) and established Waryan Design (because he couldn't think of a clever name). Waryan set up shop in his home (like most broke freelancers), and after retaining a number of clients, he soon relocated (mostly because his employees felt weird working in his living room) to the Minneapolis Warehouse District (warehouse space was really cheap back then). Waryan’s client base was diverse and included small start-ups as well as major marketing agencies, which allowed him to work on national accounts including Apple Computer and Lucas Films. (He claims that his brush with fame was having a beer with George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch, hmmm….) After twenty years as principal and owner, Waryan made a decision that “bigger isn’t always better” (because design and marketing agencies kept stealing his employees) and has returned to working in his home studio where he continues to enjoy creating and producing his graphic design projects from start to finish himself. (Sounds rather picky doesn’t it?) He currently lives in Hopkins (in the same town he grew up in — how weird is that? — and where he now feels like he fits in).

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