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The basic steps:

• Make contact and connect
• Discuss your project objectives
• Create an estimate and a timeline
• Gather any project resources
• Start the concepts!
• Present or email the concepts
• Approvals, feedback and revisions
• Prep the final files for print or media
• Final delivery and follow-up

I’d like to help you succeed. First, let’s focus on your business, your customers and your objectives. Then let’s apply twenty years of experience and create some compelling design concepts, on time and within your budget. I can give you stellar service, project coordination and follow-through.


Does your project require some additional services? Twenty years in the biz has allowed me to work with some excellent suppliers and associates. I can coordinate your project from start to finish, if you so desire. For example: printers, copywriters, photographers, vinyl graphics companies, publications, web hosting and more.


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Connect & Describe

Estimates & Budgets

Design & Approvals

Provide Final Files

Completion & Follow-Up

OK… for those of you who are a little more detailed about things. I can do that.

  Connect & Describe   


Initial discussions between you (the client) and me (the designer) – covering project description, marketing objectives, timing and budget.


We will discuss your project in detail and clarify the process of gathering resources, including copy, photos, logos and working within any corporate identity guidelines or matching any existing branding.



  Estimates & Budgets   


Initial estimates can usually be determined at the Connect & Describe phase, but sometimes your project will require additional costs and estimating for outside services. Additional project services may include photography, stock photos, copywriting, illustration, printing, vinyl graphics, web hosting or other. All of these additional resources can be sourced and managed by Waryan Design if you so choose.



  Design & Approvals    


The designer develops the design concepts and preliminary designs and selects the most appropriate options for further development.


The designer presents visual solutions and explains design decisions. Usually shown in PDFs or in some cases a formal presentation.


Following your review and feedback, the designer amends the material as required and, if necessary, presents you with new design(s).



  Provide Final Files   


The designer prepares the final digital files and uploads the files to the client or directly to the selected printer, web source or publication.


When a proof is required before final production, the designer views the proof and passes the proof onto the client for approvals.



  Completion & Follow-up   


The Designer updates the client with turn-around times and delivery dates. Following up your project is important to Waryan Design – our job is to make you look good. If you look good, we look good. Waryan Design wants you to be a repeat customer and is determined to help you grow your business.


Your brand can be beautiful!

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